SLP | Lawyers & Notaries


We offer consultation on legal matters for companies and private parties. Each lawyer has specialized areas of law and through long standing business relations with other experts, we are able to provide consultation and advice on all fields of law. We continually strive to provide only the best customized and practical solutions for our clients.


We provide services such as writing up contracts; we scrutinize and provide legal opinion on possible pit-falls in contracts. We make contracts understandable and easy to handle based on the business needs of our clients. Of course we strive to continually provide the best and most cost efficient customized solution for our clients. Contracts in English or German are our daily business.


We will gladly assist you in negotiations with companies, business relations, state and other authorities or private parties. We strive to continually provide the best and most cost efficient customized solution for our clients.


Our notaries are pleased to handle all documented and official legal acts for you. We assist in the founding and restructuring of companies and are happy to handle all formalities pursuant to such legal acts. We also advise and assist in a wide area of legal matters such as prenuptial agreements, testamentary contracts, successor agreements for companies and all contracts concerning real estate and property.


Educating and schooling your employees on different areas of law is a good way of practicing a pre-emptive risk-management. We offer customized courses for companies. Please read more under the register Documents or contact us for an offer.


Before entering court proceedings it’s important to estimate the costs and risks. We are glad to give you an estimate on the costs and risks of a court proceeding for each stage (Civil, State and Supreme Court) and will accompany and advise you through all stages. Sometimes court proceedings are unnecessary, in which case we also handle mediations or compromise agreements.