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Scholl Lienhard & Partners is a law office consisting of lawyers and notaries situated on Laurenzenvorstadt 19 in Aarau. The law office was founded in 1935 by Dr. Erich Zimmerlin. Dr. Zimmerlin was the author of important law commentaries such as “The Commentary concerning the Building Law of Canton Aargau” published in 1971. He was also the main editor of the new Cantonal Building Law. His name was well known across cantonal boarders.

Other prominent names were a part of Scholl Lienhard & Partners, such as Dr. Heinrich Heuberger (former Judge of the Court of Appeals for Canton Aargau), Franz Nyffeler (former Judge for the Swiss Supreme Court) and Dr. Bruno Hunziker (former senior civil servant of Canton Aargau – in German “Regierungsrat” as well as “Nationalrat” and “Ständerat”). Their contributions to law bills on a cantonal and national level are still in effect today.

Our law offices offer legal advice and can assist you in a wide area of legal problems. We assist private parties as well as companies. Our law offices provide the size and know how to provide interdisciplinary solutions within a minimum amount of time. Our competence and connections to law offices across our countries borders allow us to provide legal assistance for clients on an international level.
Our principle is to provide an efficient, customer oriented and transparent solution for all our clients.


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