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COVID-19 Virus and Force Majeure in Swiss contact law

30.03.2020 08:55

Martin Strobel, Attorney at law

In our daily work we are nowadays often confronted with the question whether and when Force Majeure can be applied in connection with any contractual obligations. It seems that quite a lot of customers but also suppliers try to get rid of contractual obligations using Force Majeure as an argument put forward as a pretext. On the other hand, there are companies which are indeed...

Public Procurement in Switzerland – Tender documents are not always perfect

09.05.2017 17:18

M. Strobel, Attorney The “race to the new fighter jet” for the Swiss Air Force has started. Potential bidder have already hired offices in Berne. Politics is alerted and politicians have risen their fingers and request a professional and in all respects correct tender process. There is no doubt that this will be the case. Recent developments have confirmed that the Swiss authorities have become even more sensitive in that regard. However, nobody is perfect. Even the Swiss authorities...

FIDIC, ORGALIME, ABA99, MF/1, SIA and other General Conditions for the Construction Industry

18.08.2016 09:21

M. Strobel, Attorney As mentioned in the last article there exists a considerable variety of standardized General Conditions for the Construction Industry. On international level the FIDIC conditions are the mostly used and best known such conditions. In Scandinavia the ABA 99 documents are often applied and in the UK the MF/1 conditions. In Switzerland SIA is well known and used in almost all construction projects. These (and other) standardized conditions facilitate the international as well as the national...

Minimum Contract Standards

28.07.2016 08:44

M. Strobel, Attorney In the plant construction industry a lot of standard contracts are available: SIA, ORGLIME, FIDIC, and others. Quite often customers propose to use their own “Special” or “General Conditions” and to apply those standard contracts complementary. This may lead to situations where it gets really difficult (at least for a layman, but not only!) to understand the contractual basis of a deal. Under such circumstances a checklist with some minimum legal standards to be followed may...